As a free school, we have a lot of flexibility with our curriculum – the subjects, learning methods, levels of study and qualifications that pupils pursue. 

We have a broadly academic curriculum, emphasising the importance of intellectual study and focusing on traditional learning. We believe that this is the best way to equip our pupils for university, the professions and success in whatever career they eventually choose. We are determined that our boys will compete on equal terms with boys coming from the most privileged backgrounds, so we provide an academic, but rounded, education that gives them the best possible chance to succeed.

In line with the Star Quality Standards, the curriculum actively promotes equality for all through both its content and delivery. Full details are contained in the Annual Equalities Statement.

We aim to ensure that all pupils have access to the curriculum and are not disadvantaged by any disabilities or special educational needs. Full details are contained in the SEND Information Report, Policy and Guidance.

Educational Excellence

Academic subjects leading to the English Baccalaureate are at the core of the curriculum. Subjects include English, Mathematics, Sciences, Languages, Humanities, Computing, Physical Education and Creative Arts. The content is driven by the National Curriculum and specifications of national examinations. 

There is a vocational curriculum for whom GCSEs are not appropriate, but all pupils are expected to pursue a curriculum with a strong academic core. 

We believe that educational excellence can only be guaranteed when what is studied is tailored to each individual pupil. We will spread the burden of studying for GCSEs over three years at KS4 (Years 9 to 11) so that Year 11 does not become too pressured. This allows us to plan effectively for each and every pupil in Year 11 and timetable a programme of study that maximises their potential. 

Curriculum Model 2017-18 and beyond

This model is based on a 26 lesson week with 6 lessons each day on Monday to Thursday and two lessons on Friday: each lesson is 55 minutes in length. We commit extra time to English and mathematics in every year group. This allows pupils to quickly attain the proficiency in literacy and numeracy that will enable them to address the broader range of subjects with confidence. We have an additional intervention period at lunchtime or at the end of each day targeted at pupils who are, or are at risk of underachieving. Enrichment clubs take place at lunchtime or at the end of the school day; pupils have the opportunity to participate in a choice of activities, such as drama club, nasheed choir club as well as a range of sporting activities. In addition to this, all pupils have 20 minutes of form time, where they follow the morning registration programme; developing skills in personal organisation and reflection, risk, resilience, numeracy, literacy and spirituality. Pupils also have the opportunity to undertake projects relating to community service and charity. 

At all times our priority is to ensure every single pupil develops knowledge, understanding and skills in all aspects of the curriculum and across key stages. Our curriculum and assessment model is underpinned by KS2 and integrates with new GCSE Grade criteria, it allows us to build progress across 5 years. It is a model which parents and our pupils understand, and prioritises learning and progression. Our focus is on ‘Mastery learning’. Pupils are required to demonstrate mastery of the learning from each unit before being allowed to move on to the next, with the assumption that all pupils will achieve this level of mastery if they are appropriately supported. Some may take longer and need more help, but all will get there in the end. 


Our aim at Eden Boys Preston is simple – we want to provide the best possible education for our students in the most secure environment. We will help every individual to achieve his goals, dreams and ambitions. The delivery of the entire range of subject areas and student support is the responsibility of one of eight faculties, with each faculty taking responsibility for its subject provision. 

Our faculties are:

· Faculty of English

· Faculty of Mathematics

· Faculty of Science

· Faculty of Computing and Creative Arts

· Faculty of Humanities

· Faculty of Languages

· Faculty of Sport

· Faculty of Access and Inclusion

For more information about our curriculum, please contact Jenny Greenwood at the school.

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