Eden Boys’ School’s published poetry sends message of hope

Budding poets at Eden Boys’ School, Preston are enjoying seeing their poems in print in our self-published anthology ‘Peace’.

All year groups took part in the project to send a message of peace, hope and positivity through their poetry and artwork. Exploring issues of tolerance, hope and unity, pupils penned poems in their own time after the project was introduced in a whole school assembly. The poetry book project gave our pupils an opportunity to express their hopes for the future in a creative way.

Staff members also contributed to the anthology of over 60 poems, written in a variety of poetry styles.

Year 10 pupil Zayd Saeed wrote a poem entitled ‘Tomorrow… or not?’. He said:

“It feels good to have my poem published in the book. In my writing I used the metaphor of a fire coming. Hope and peace are the fire extinguishers. It’s my message to the world that peace is something we all have to work for. If we don’t work at it, evil and badness will take over.”

Year 10 pupil Bilaal Patel has a poem included in the book too. He said:

“My poem ‘The Future’ is about a grandad reflecting on his past, trying to show where he went wrong. It looks to the future and tells readers that if you have opportunities, hold on to them and make the most of them.”

The ‘Peace’ poetry book project was led by Vice Principal Nafisa Patel. She said:

“The idea for the book came about last summer when there was a period of turbulence in the UK following three terror attacks and the Grenfell Tower fire. I felt it was important to give our pupils an outlet to express how they were feeling in the aftermath of these tragedies. The book is very special to us as it is a collective effort by both staff and pupils, who have contributed to the book by letting our creativity flow on to the page whilst sending messages from the heart.

“Through our book ‘Peace’ we extend our hand of friendship whilst spreading love, peace and happiness. We hope our readers enjoy every moment and continue to help spread peace around the world.”

The ‘Peace’ poetry book is now on sale, available through school and on the Amazon website.

Sharing messages of peace through poetry – Eden Boys’ School, Preston pupils with the poetry book their school has published – left to right: Year 8 pupil Danyal Sidik, and Year 10 pupils Bilal Patel and Zayd Saeed with Vice Principal Nafisa Patel

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