Mental Health Support for Young People

We find ourselves in a very trying time and many of us are struggling with our mental health. Young people in particular, across the world, are feeling uncertain about their futures and how the pandemic will affect their education and career aspirations.

As a school and as individuals, we aim to support our young people as best we can through this crisis and beyond. If any of our pupils are struggling with their mental health we want you to know that we are here to support you.

If you have anything on your mind that is troubling you, we encourage you to speak to your head of year, or alternatively you can talk to Mr Matadar or Mr Adam. You can speak to your head of year when they make their regular phone call to your parents, or alternatively you can email to request a phone or email conversation with them.
Please title the email for the attention of the member of staff you would like to speak to, and include your contact details in the email.

We must remember to be kind to each other and help where we can. Stay strong, we will meet again.

Below are a variety of resources about mental health which you may find useful.


Coping With Pressure at School

Managing Anxiety

Conversation Starter

Young Minds Textline

Eating Disorders

Change the Way We Think


On My Mind

Be in Your Mate's Corner

How are you Feeling?



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