Unavoidable school closure

Our expectation is that the school will, wherever possible, remain open, however in the event of heavy snow or other bad weather or other emergency the school may be forced to close.  Any decision to close school as a result of severe weather will be taken in the light of local conditions, an assessment of the risk and weather conditions will be assessed.  The decision to close the school will rest with the Principal or in her absence with the Vice Principal in liaison with the Trust.

On the first day of any closure everyone whose mobile phone numbers are registered with school will receive a text message and the school website will be updated including updates on local radio station (Rock FM).   The school’s twitter account will also be updated.  A text message will be sent to parents at 7.00am on the morning of the closure.

If closure is for more than one day than a text message will be sent on each morning.  A confirmation text message will be issued once the school will reopen.

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