Homework and Independent Learning

Homework tasks are set for pupils with the purpose of supporting ongoing progress and achievement of all pupils. It is intended to:

  • Reinforce the home-school partnership
  • Consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding
  • Exploit resources for learning in the home
  • Develop skills of organisation and self-discipline
  • Prepare pupils for the demands of university or work life
  • Extend school learning

Homework Guidelines 2020-21


Please find guidelines for the homework timetable below.  This is based on pupils generally having one homework set per week per subject; 30 minutes at KS3 and 45 minutes at KS4. It must be stressed that these are guidelines only.  They are intended to avoid overloading pupils, but allowing them the opportunity to develop independent learning skills. Subjects will set a variety of homework tasks, which may stretch over longer or shorter periods than indicated here.


Homework will be planned as part of the learning sequence; the purpose is never to finish off classwork. Homework will be set on ‘show my homework’; ensuring instructions are specific; indicate the length, content and presentational style required.

Good or better homework serves a purpose and is an integral part of the learning process:

  • Allows independent application of learning.
  • Allows independent learning/ development of practical research skills: using the library, devising questionnaires or interviews and conducting online searches.
  • Provides challenge: problem solving, practising, learning/ revising by rote e.g. timetables, vocabulary, spelling, irregular verbs and handwriting.
  • Allows uninterrupted time for a student to make sense of their own understanding at their own pace.

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